R & D
Professional and experienced R&D team can process OEM or ODM projects, including photometric design, material application, quality control of production and packing protection design.

Optical Design:
Using software "ASAP" and Ħ¨Troce ProĦ¨ to analyze reflector to make our design's
complies with ECE, FMVSS 108 DOT , and CCC regulations.

Mechanical design:

To process all essential parts with AutoCAD, UG and CATIA to solve the oncoming problems in advance (before mass-production).
Rapid Prototype System:
By connecting AutoCAD, UG and CATIA to the FDM (Rapid Prototype System) to create ABS prototype (depends on the product dimension ) with tolerance of 0.1 millimeters. Customers can take the prototype for exactly fit ting on vehicle practically. This action ensures the design and dimensions of parts are as expected and make parts to be correctly.
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